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Why I hate steelbooks

Why I hate steelbooks

A few reasons why I hate steelbooks

Avengers SteelbookI know that the guys from the US love steelbooks. Well, I often trade blu-rays with guys from North America, since it’s a win-win situation: They get German exclusives from me and I get great imports from the US :-) . And most of the times my friends ask: “Hey, Sebastian, can you buy title X as a steelbook for me?” Reason is that almost EVERY blu-ray is released in steelbook packaging in Germany. Yet almost no steelbooks are available in the US. Why? Well, there is only one manufacturer making them officially. That would be the Danish company Scavano. And which country is close to Denmark and a big market for media? Bingo! Germany!

While I understand that many people like steelbooks I simply hate them. Collectors might scream in amazement now, but let me explain why:

1. They are easily damaged

I own only very few steelbooks – in a collection of almost 500 Blu-rays only about 10 are steelbooks. And for good reason: During the last few years I had to move plenty of times. Of course my movie collection moved with me. Almost nothing was damaged – except for the steelbooks. Yes, almost every one of them now either has scratches or slight dents. Especially the paintwork seems pretty fragile to me. That is why I avoid steelbooks today: They get damaged too easily. A simple amaray is much more durable.

2. They are a hassle to ship

As already mentioned I love to trade blu-rays with US citizens. But I have to be especially careful when packing and shipping steelbooks – which are the most requested. Because they get so easily damaged you have to pack them very carefully. Otherwise they get dented before they even reach the shelves of the happy collector.

3. They are more expensive

I get it: Except for me most collectors love steelbooks. That is why the studios release so many! But you have to pay premium to get them. Often steelbooks are about 10 US-Dollars more expensive than the regular amarays. Also the steel editions sometimes sell out really fast and then are only available for ridiculous prices on the second hand market.

4. Sometimes steelbooks replace the regular amaray edition completely

In Germany steelbooks are so common that some movies are ONLY available in a steelbook edition. In my opinion that is a mistake. It is a nice option for collectors but it should always be an additional option with a regular amaray as the standard. For example Finding Nemo comes out in Germany as a steelbook only at first. The regular amaray will be released two months later.

Well, there you have it…I am not very fond of steelbooks. None of my reasons are of aesthetic nature. Steelbooks look cool, I agree! But they have plenty of disadvantages and that is why I completely stopped buying them for myself.

4 Responses

  1. Hey Sam,

    many thanks again for your comment! I love the Criterion editions, too! Or at least I love the pictures, ha, ha. I have bought my first editions now: Bottle Rocket, The Darjeeling Limited, The Royal Tenenbaums and Rushmore. So mainly it is a Wes Anderson collection :-) . I could not buy them before, cause they are all Region A Locked. But I got myself a nice Region Free blu-ray player and now I can import anything I want. Criterion just releases movies in the USA, but even in Germany movie buffs know about the great quality of their releases :-) .

    Thanks for the compliments in my website! I guess it is hard to get noticed with the thousands of blogs today. And my website has not been around for so long – I started it in December 2012 and was a bit lazy sometimes as well. I want to improve the layout further and maybe also open a YouTube channel. But that takes a lot of work / time :-) .

    Anyways it is great that you like my posta and I am very gratefull for your comments! If you also have a website, please let me know so I can check it out, too!

  2. Sam

    Ah, I love getting Criterion titles when they go on sale! I just discovered Criterion about three years ago and I’m up to 23. I’m surprised that I’m the first commenter – you seem to have some good posts here so I’ll bookmark the site and be back in the future.

  3. Hey Sam,

    many thanks for your comment :-) . You are actually the first living person in the world to leave a comment in this blog so I am very grateful :-) .

    I get your concerns with the steelbooks in shops. I often trade with you guys from the US to get stuff like the Criterion Editions. In exchange I pick up steelbooks in Germany. I always have to check them very carefully and ship them in thick cardboard so they don’t get damaged.

  4. Sam

    I’m American and I totally agree with you. Half the time in U.S. stores you have to carefully check the steelbook before you purchase it cause they tend to get damaged during shipment to the store!

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