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Home Reviews Tron Legacy – Daily Movie Review (03.01.2013)

Tron Legacy – Daily Movie Review (03.01.2013)

Published on January 3, 2013, by in Reviews.

Tron Legacy – Daily Movie Review (03.01.2013)

Review of Tron Legacy (2010) with Jeff Bridges

Tron Legacy (Blu-ray cover)Story:

Famous software engineer and CEO of ENCOM International, Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges), disappeared in 1989. Twenty Years later his son Sam (Garret Hedlud) lives a disillusioned life. He lacks interest in his father’s company. This all changes when the former best friend of Kevin Flynn, Alan Bradley (Bruce Boxleitner), tells Sam his father might be alive. Sam discovers that his father got trapped in the virtual world “The Grid”. Inside The Grid new allies and enemies await. For example there is CLU, a program that wants to kill Sam and his father. Quorra (Olivia Wilde), another mysterious program, is an unexpected ally. Now the digital fight between Kevin Flynn and CLU threatens the anlogue world. Because CLU plans to take Kevin Flynn’s identity disc and take control of the world.

My Take:

Rarely is a sequel with the original actors made almost thirty years after the original. Back in 1982 the original Tron was one of the first movies to make heavy use of CGI. Today those effects look minimalistic. Still they have kept some of their charm. Tron Legacy features modern CGI although today these effects are far from revolutionary. It was also shot in 3D but the effect is pragmatic. The 3D gives the image a lot of natural depth. Yet pop-out effects are scarce. Mainly Tron Legacy is a typical Disney 3D production. The original Tron was light on story and heavy on effects. Tron Legacy takes exactly the same route. This means the overly complex but ultimately pretty silly story does not make much sense. The result is that Olivia Wilde’s character does not contribute much to the story. In the end she is a talking McGuffin. The triangle between Kevin Flynn, his estranged son Sam and CLU is well done on the other hand. What puzzled me a bit, is that Tron has such a minor role. After all the movie is named after him.

Tron Legacy is nowhere near as revolutionary as it’s predecessor. CGI was new in 1982. Today’s audiences see their fair share in every blockbuster. Still the story is better than the original. Tron Legacy greatly benefits from it’s soundtrack. Created by French artists Daft Punk the mix of Electronica and orchestra is mindblowing. This is Daft Punk’s first movie score. I hope it will not be their last! Without the soundtrack Tron Legacy would lose a lot of it’s atmosphere.

How would I rate this movie? It’s a good blockbuster. I guess how much you will like it depends on two factors. How much did you like the prequel? And how much are you interested in technology? With a bit of knowledge about computer science Tron Legacy is more fun. Even if sometimes for being ridiculous :-) .

The Blu-ray edition is reference. Picture quality is ace! It alters between cinemascope (2,40:1) and full frame (1,78:1). The lossless soundtrack is powerful and makes the excellent score soar. There are many extras here. Including hidden easter eggs and a new epilogue.

I hope that Disney will produce more sequels to Tron Legacy. Right now Tron Uprising is on TV. Tron Legacy did not bring in as much money at the box office as Disney might have hoped. But after all the franchise seems to be profitable. So let us keep our fingers crossed.

My Score: 7 / 10

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