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Top 10 Movies of 2011

Top 10 Movies of 2011

GMG chooses his Top 10 Movies of 2011

Top 10 Movies of the year 2011Film Junk posted an interesting list including their Top 10 Movies of 2011. Their authors mention pretty diverse and interesting titles. With some I deeply agree (Hugo). Other choices leave me puzzled (The Adventures of Tintin). Interesting sidenote here: Tintin is called “Tim” in Germany. His dog, whose original name is “Milou”, is known as “Struppi”. That roughly means “fuzzy”. I consider that quite funny, cause the dog really does not look that fuzzy at all. The American name “Snowy” fits him better. But back to topic: I thought The Adventures of Tintin was a weak movie. I did not like the motion capture animation stlye. To me it still falls right into the uncanny valley. Just makes the characters look creepy. It also did not do the story any good to mix three different graphic novels together. The characters felt pretty bland – especially Tintin. Captain Hadock on the other hand was just a walking slapstick gag and pretty annoying.

Still, to each his own, eh? I did not think The Adventures of Tintin was a bad movie. I actually have the 3D version in my collection. But for me it hardly was one of the best movies of 2011.

Here are my Top 10 Movies of 2011 instead:

1. X-Men: First Class

Top 10 2011 - Number 1

I love X-Men and X2 by Bryan Singer! I even liked Wolverine but X-Men 3 was pretty flawed. So I was excited when Matthew Vaughn helmed a prequel of sorts, cause Kick-Ass is one of my favourite movies. X-Men: First Class is a complete success and centers on the friendship between Xavier (McAvoy) and Erik (Fassbender). One of the best superhero films ever in my opinion!

2. The Tree of Life

Top 10 2011 - Number 2

This one is really not for everyone. Did you like Stanley Kubrick’s 2001? If the answer is “Yes” you might like Terrence Malicks extremely visual Tree of Life, too. But don´t expect conventional storytelling here!

3. Drive

Top 10 2011 - Number 3

This one was a big suprise but made it straight into my Top 10! Ryan Gosling hardly speaks a word in this movie but still says it all. A fantastic flick with much 1980ies atmosphere and some extreme violence. This one is all about atmosphere. Great soundtrack, too!

4. Hugo

Top 10 2011 - Number 4

You have to watch this one in 3D! Martin Scorsese presents a true loveletter to filmmaking. His use of 3D is exceptional! Also the child actors do a great job. Chloë Grace Moretz will be one of the stars for a new generation!

5. Melancholia

Top 10 2011 - 5

Like Tree of Life this one surely is not for everyone. Lars von Trier is infamous for his dark and disturbing movies. Keeping this in mind Melancholia is probably his “sellout movie” :-). Still the title suggests it: This is an extremely melancholic film. Kirsten Dunst is great in this!

6. Puss in Boots

Top 10 2011 - 6

This was an easy contender for my Top 10 Movies of 2011. I love the Shrek movies. Well, except for that one…You all know which part I mean. Puss in Boots is a great character and his own movie is a fun adventure that can be enjoyed by all ages. The use of 3D is great here, too!

7. Rise of the Planet of the Apes

Top 10 2011 - 7

I watched all the original films and only like the first part. It is cerebral sci-fi at it’s best. The remake by Burton was pretty bad. So I had low expectations on this one. It mainly updates the franchise. Instead of the fear of nuclear war that dominated the 1960ies here the greed of big corporations is the center. A well made movie with fantastic special effects and an Oscar worthy Andy Serkins. Sidenote: This movie was renamed to Planet of the Apes: Prevolution in Germany.

8. Thor

Top 10 2011 - 8

I love superhero movies and Thor was a very good one! The reason it is near the bottom of my Top 10 Movies of 2011 is, that the love story is unnecessary. Portman’s character is a waste and they should have focused on the triangle between Thor, Loki and Odin. Otherwise this was a cool one with much action and humour!

9. Super 8

Top 10 2011 - 9

This had a lot of 1980ies feeling and a bit of Spielberg’s influence as a producer. Abrams did a great job directing all the child actors. This was a nice mixture of a family movie and a science fiction film. An easy inclusion into my Top 10 Movies of 2011!

10. Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows – Part 2

Top 10 2011 - 10

I like the Potter movies although my favourite remains the third movie (Prisoner of Azkaban). The finale was well done and better than the three Potter movies David Yates directed before! It was a fitting conclusion and I will rewatch all parts more than once!

So, these are my Top 10 Movies of 2011. Some are the same that the Film Junk guys chose, some are completely different :-). Have fun with it, you probably have a different list in mind, right?




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