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Home Reviews The Simpsons Movie – Daily Movie Review (19.12.2012)

The Simpsons Movie – Daily Movie Review (19.12.2012)

The Simpsons Movie – Daily Movie Review (19.12.2012)

Review of The Simpsons Movie – just try to be yellow!

The Simpsons Movie (Blu-ray cover)The Simpsons movie begins with the Simpson family sitting in a cinema. They are watching an Itchy and Scratchy movie and Homer makes fun of the audience. He says something like “Hey, all you fools? Why are you paying to watch something in cinema that you can watch on TV for free?”. The irony is not lost on us Simpson fans. Sadly there is much truth to what Homer mentions. I like The Simpsons Movie but it really feels like an episode of one of the later seasons strechted out for too long.

It starts off pretty cool with some fun scenes showing Homer polluting the local water reservoir by being the selfish jerk he often can be. But the whole arc about the relationship between him and Bart souring is completely out of character. Come on, Bart wishing to be Flanders son? That is waaay too far fetched. The whole tension between Homer, who gets his family banned from Springfield, and the rest of the Simpsons is way too cliché. Marge has endured so much trouble with her husband in the series that it seems unbelievable she would abandon their marriage just like that. It is not even the first time The Simpsons had to leave Springfield, there were multiple occasions before. Like in the episode “E-I-E-I-(Annoyed Grunt)” the Gentlemen of Leisure review here. And it is sure not the last time they are evicted, sigh.

The more and more The Simpsons Movie progresses the more I feel the writers were running out of ideas. Yes, there are still some cool jokes (like Bart poking fun at the Walt Disney company). But all in all the movie itself becomes much of what it makes fun of. Mainly it´s a stereotypical family story. Much of what makes The Simpsons great is only slightly present. There are more clichés and dramaticized moments than the typical Simpsons irony and cleverness.

The Simpsons is not a bad movie by far. It just feels like an overly long but good episode from one of the newer seasons. But it never reaches the glory the series possessed in it’s heyday (seasons 1-10). If you are a fan and don’t get your expectations too high, you will like this. But certainly this will not convert any naysayers or create any new fans. It’s funny that on the episode “Any Given Sundance” of Season 18 even Marge says “No more Simpsons movies, one was plenty”. Of course in the episode she did not really mean the real movie, but it was a funny joke by the writers.

There is a nice Blu-ray edition which has great picture quality. It’s comparable to the Blu-ray release of the second half of Season 20. So the colors are really bold and stick out. There are no problems with the compression and The Simpsons look fantastic in HD! The audio track does a nice job, too. It is nothing spectacular but fine for this kind of animation movie. Sadly there are not many extras on this disc. So unlike the full season releases which always come packed with bonus materials.

At the end of the day The Simpsons Movie feels like a supersized episode from one of the seasons beyond year 15. It has it’s moments and is worth picking up. But don’ expect it to be the Simpsons revelation many fans were hoping for.

My score is a solid 7/10.

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