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Home Reviews The Adventures of Tintin – Daily Movie Review (16.12.2012)

The Adventures of Tintin – Daily Movie Review (16.12.2012)

The Adventures of Tintin – Daily Movie Review (16.12.2012)

Review of The Adventures of Tintin by director Steven Spielberg

The Adventures of Tintin (Blu-ray)I have already mentioned The Adventures of Tintin in my  article about the Top 10 Movies of 2011. But it was not part of that list. To be honest I had high hopes for this movie. It was a pet project by acclaimed directors Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson. Their deal was Steven Spielberg would direct the first part. Peter Jackson would produce The Adventures of Tintin and direct the sequel. Since the movie did not gross as much as everyone hoped the sequel has been delayed until 2015. It seems The Adventures of Tintin was a box office success in Europe but did not fare as well in the United States. Well, as a European I really did not like this movie much. I am vaguely familiar with Hergé’s  graphic novels. Plus I watched the animated series when I was a child.

The movie really does not do the characters justice. For example Tintin does not have any personality at all and is just a story device. He is a journalist and curious. That is all we know about him and nothing more. Captain Haddock feels just as bland. Mainly he is the stereotype of a drunken sailor. Spielberg even dwelves into Looney Tunes territory as drunken Haddock belches into an airplane motor to make it run a bit longer. The story is a mix of three graphic novels by Hergé which was a bad idea. It all feels highly episodic. Mainly it is just one action scene after another.

Another problem is the visual style of the movie. The backgrounds look gorgeous and the use of 3D is well done as well. But the characters…Oh the characters look horrible mostly. They fall right into the uncanny valley. Especially Tintin who looks like a wooden, lifeless zombie most of the time. On the other hand the movements of the characters are very fluid and lifelike. This is thanks to the motion capturing. But as said their faces simply look ugly. It will probably take some more years until the CGI has reached the point when a movie like The Adventures of Tintin will really look realistic.

The Blu-ray edition is of reference quality with perfect picture and sound. The extra material is quite informative. Here Spielberg reveals he was interested in Hergés iconic character since he made Raiders of the Lost Ark. Of course there is a lot of hype here. All involved in the production mainly say they made a fantastic movie.

My score would be 5 / 10.

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