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Home Silver Screen Lining Star Wars Episode 7 = retirement home?

Star Wars Episode 7 = retirement home?

Star Wars Episode 7 becomes retirement home?

Star Wars Episode 7 needs new heroes not old gramps

Star Wars Episode 7 (News)

So right now there is a lot of noise about Star Wars. Disney has confirmed spin offs for Salacious Crumb Bobba Fett and Jar Jar Binks young Han Solo. Additionnally J. J. Abrams, Mr. Lensflare himself, will make a new Star Trek Star Wars movie as part of the main saga. And perhaps the biggest news: There are rumours that Harrison Ford will return to his iconic role as Han Solo in Star Wars Episode 7.

Sounds like overkill? Yeah, to me it already seems like Disney is gutting the Star Wars franchise. I mean it is natural they want to make money with it. At least they paid George Lucas billions of bucks for it. But a new trilogy and two spin offs with possible sequels as well? Sounds a bit too much for me.

Now don’t get me wrong: I love Star Wars – at least the original trilogy. The prequels? Let us not talk about those. I think the best thing that came out of the prequels is the great Star Wars: The Clone Wars TV series. Still I am pretty sceptical about the new Star Wars movies. I have multiple reasons.

1. J. J. Abrams is a great director, but I dislike that the same guy who made the Star Trek reboot now also directs new Star Wars movies. Also I think he has a very “clean” almost sterile visual style. I would have preferred a less conventional choice like Josh Trank. A young director who is still hungry. Someone who has built a reputation with his own style but still wants to prove himself. Abrams is an obvious but kind of “boring” choice if you ask me.

2. Harrison Ford is a fantastic actor. One of my favourite actors of all time! And how could not he be: Hell, he played Han also AND Indiana Jones! Those are two of the most iconic movie characters of all time. Still I want to remember Han Solo as the young dashing smuggler – not as old gramps. In my opinion it would be much more fitting to bring Hamill back as an old and wise old jedi master Luke Skywalker. But old Han Solo? Er, I don’t need that.

3. Disney is going into overkill mode. As said they are doing too much at the same time and I am not fond of that. Star Wars is a beloved franchise – don’t make a new movie every year or it might lose it’s magic.

Well, but there is still some time. Star Wars Episode 7 is said to be out in 2015 at the earliest. So there is still hope. And I doubt the new movies could be any worse than The Phantom Menace :-).

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