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Home Reviews Soul Eater – The Complete Series (TV Review)

Soul Eater – The Complete Series (TV Review)

Soul Eater – The Complete Series (TV Review)

Soul Eater might be the best anime you have never seen

Soul Eater (Blu-ray)Story:

Young girl Maka is a meister and her mate soul is her weapon. They hunt evil souls called kishin. If they manage to collect 100 evil souls Soul is bound to become a death scythe for Lord Death. The later is the headmaster of the Death Weapon Meister Academy (DWMA) where Maka and Soul are students. They are friends and also rivals with the arrogant Black Star and his weapon Tsubaki, Lord Death’s son Death the Kid and his pistol weapons Liz and Patty Thompson. Together the friends face witches, evil kishin and sometimes even ridiculous situations like a sexy human cat taking a bath…

My Take:

I am more of a “casual” anime viewer. I know my Shōnen from my Shōjo, but that is about it. My introduction to the anime genre was Akira. I also like shows like Highschool of the Dead and Eden of the East. Oh, and of course I am a big fan of Studio Ghibli in general and Hayao Miyazaki in particular.

Why I tell you this? To make clear while I like anime I am certainly no expert :-) . And if you (like me) are more of a casual anime viewer then Soul Eater is a fantastic introduction to new stuff. Visually the show is an extremely cool hybrid of Terry Pratchett and Tim Burton. While Lord Death’s funny behavior reminds me of Pratchett’s Discworld novels the quirky art design of the show has a lot in common with Burton’s earlier works. To make it simple: Soul Eater is a stunning show with great visuals and perfectly chereographed action scenes. And action you will see a lot. The fights between Maka, Soul, Black Star and Co. are both high octane and also funny. You are really in for a visual treat here.

Yet I was also surprised how deep the characters are. While the first bunch of episodes also contain their fair share of fan service and the story is more silly than anything else later on the characters really show development. For example Soul’s “coolness” is often just a way to avoid his feelings for others. And the arrogant Black Star is not only a show off but also an extremely loyal friend who deeply cares about his companions. The whole plot around the witches Medua and Arachne becomes very dark at times as well. So I’d advise not to let small children watch this.

Soul Eater really is a beast of it’s own. Mixing fantasy, highschool drama, comedy and stunning visuals together makes for a fantastic and entertaining show. Not to mention the cool soundtrack with epic rock themes as well as some classic music. You can have a lot of fun with Soul Eater: The Complete Series and this should not be missed. Don’t believe me? Other reviewers like The Cajun Samurai and Otaku in Kenya fully agree. The only thing that bothered me was the English voice actress for Black Star. Yes, he is voiced by a woman and that does not really make sense. The rest of the English dub is excellent by the way!

My Score: 9 / 10

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