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Rumours around Avengers 2 / Planet Hulk

Comment: Rumours around Avengers 2 / Planet Hulk

They are just making more noise than Hulk himself

Planet Hulk (Blu-ray cover)

Latino Review has started rumours around Marvel’s “Phase 2″ and “Phase 3″ of superhero movies. They are sure making a lot of noise. According to Latino Review the plan for Avengers 2 is that Hulk is shot into space at the end of the movie. This will be handled by Marvel’s version of the illuminati. In the comics this is a secret organization consisting of Doctor Strange, Black Bolt, Charles Xavier, Reed Richards, Namor and Iron Man. Probably they would change the lineup for the movies though. After the Hulk goes to space during the finale of Avengers 2 he will once again get his own movie. That one will probably be inspired by Greg Pak’s Planet Hulk. At least this is what Latino Review claims to have learned. In Avengers 3 the Hulk comes back to earth which leads to World War Hulk.

My opinion? To be honest I think Latino Review is telling complete bullshit :-). I don’t mean to offend the guys – they are lovable. But this story seems made up to just make noise. There are multiple reasons why I think so:

1. It is waaaay to early for Marvel to have their plans set in stone for Avengers 2 and 3. Yes, they plan ahead for multiple movies. But even for The Avengers there were still a lot of changes made to the script while Whedon was already shooting. And it really seems unbelievable the finale of Avengers 2 and even a storyline for Avengers 3 might have leaked this early. Hell, we don’t even know the full storylines for Thor: The Dark World or Captain America: Winter Soldier, yet.

2. Planet Hulk seems like an unlikely candidate for a movie adaption. Previous Hulk movies have not been as successful as Marvel would have wished. So the Hulk is really their Avengers member who packs the least box office oomph. But the Planet Hulk storyline would demand a very high budget, cause it is set on another planet. In my opinion it is very unlikely Marvel and Disney would greenlight such a high budget movie for the Hulk.

3. The Planet Hulk storyline mainly stands on it’s own and is hard to connect to the rest of the Marvel universe. Or can you imagine Nick Fury or Agent Coulson saying “Hello” on another planet? This also makes it an unlikely candidate for a movie adaption.

4. The whole science fiction background of Planet Hulk is not really what most viewers desire. It is too far out there and too “geeky”. I think all the “weird” space and science fiction elements also contributed to DC’s Green Lantern’s failure at the box office. Marvel knows this as well and would probably rather see the Hulk depart for a more down-to-earth adventure.

So all in all I don’t think there is much to the rumours spread by Latino Review.

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