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Home Silver Screen Lining Roger Ebert has passed away

Roger Ebert has passed away

Roger Ebert has passed away

Renowned film critic Roger Ebert has died yesterday

Roger EbertI did not always share his opinions – but I always respected them. Yesterday the famous film critic Roger Ebert passed away at the age of 70. Ebert made his last Twitter post on the second of April. He regularly updated his website close to his death and contributed thousands of reviews to the Chicago Sun Times over the years. It was Ebert who “invented” the thumbs up and thumbs down rating for movies together with his colleague Gene Siskel. In my opinion the movie scene has lost one of the greatest reviewers of all time.

While I often disagreed with Roger Ebert’s reviews, I always admired his style of writing. He was always to the point, funny and showing his deep love for and knowledge about movies without rubbing it under the nose of the reader. His reviews were never pretentious but always clever and honest. Mostly he stayed fair and he rated every movie by itself and by it’s genre. For example he explained you can’t compare a comic book movie to a drama and must measure them with different standards. Otherwise one could complain “Transformers” does not feature a dramatic deep story but could also frown upon Rain Man for not having any action scenes. I agree with this review philosophy and respected Ebert’s well written reviews. For example when looking into the section “Critical Response” in an article about a certain movie on Wikipedia, I always searched for the quotes by Ebert.

Ebert fought a long battle with cancer and finally he lost it yesterday. As you can see he even twittered two days ago, so I don’t suppose he expected his treatment to fail. Although Ebert announced a “leave of presence” he had a lot of plans for the future. It is sad that he does not have the opportunity to follow his dreams anymore.

I for one will miss his reviews. I was not an “avid reader” who soaked up all of his reviews but liked to look what he wrote on certain titles. For example when a film polarised audiences and critics alike it was always interesting to see what he had to say on the matter. I especially love his review for “Planes, Trains and Automobiles”. While I wholeheartedly disagree with his extremely negative review for “Kick-Ass” for example. Still both reviews are well written – as his reviews always were. And that is why I always had fun reading them.

Rest in peace Mr. Roger Ebert and thanks for all the years of fantastic movie reviews. You will be remembered.

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