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Home Silver Screen Lining Person of Interest: Season 1 (Blu-ray) – Pictures

Person of Interest: Season 1 (Blu-ray) – Pictures

Person of Interest: Season 1 (Blu-ray) – Picture Gallery

Photos of J. J. Abrams and Jonathan Nolan’s “Person of Interest” Blu-ray set

I have received my US blu-ray set of the TV series “Person of Interest” a few days ago. This is a thriller series based on a a concept by Jonathan Nolan and produced by famous director J. J. Abrams (Star Trek). I import lots of blu-rays from the US for multiple reasons. For once many complete seasons are released much earlier in the US than over here in Germany. Some gems even don’t get a release in Germany at all (“Wilfred”) or are only released as DVDs (“Once Upon a Time”). Often the US-releases also come a lot cheaper.

Well, I think the blu-ray set for “Person of Interest” is very interesting, because it is the most sturdy TV release I have bought on blu-ray so far. That is why I decided to share some pictures so you can all have a look, too :-).

Just click through the gallery if you like. I have taken pictures of the slipcover, the booklet and the Blu-rays and DVDs. Yes, the Blu-ray edition contains the DVDs as well. Making this a massive set with ten discs (4 Blu-rays, 6 DVDs). Warner Bros. even went as far as giving every episode description twice: Once for the Blu-ray and once for the DVD the episode is on. I find this a bit redundant, but it makes it easier to find the disc the episode is on. There is also a streaming / downloadable copy for Ultraviolet included. It is of no use for me in Europe, but I guess many US buyers will appreciate it. This is a region-free set by the way. Meaning the Blu-rays can be played on any BD-player worldwide. The DVDs on the other hand seem to be region-locked. This is interesting, because in the past WB released all their US DVDs without a region code. They have changed that practice at the end of 2011, I think. All DVDs I bought before that were region-free. But all DVDs released after late 2011 have been coded for region 1 only.

Still I hope you enjoy the pictures. I can’t do a review for the Person of Interest: The Complete Season 1, as I have not watched it yet. But it has received high praise from Citizen Johnny, TV with the Foot and SaVa. I am a fan of Abrams as well as Nolan and have high hopes!

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