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Home Reviews Ted – Daily Movie Review (12.12.2012)

Ted – Daily Movie Review (12.12.2012)

Ted – Daily Movie Review (12.12.2012)

Review of Seth MacFarlane’s Ted

Ted (Blu-ray case)Helly everyone! I am Sebastian Meier – a movie geek from Germany. This is my first post, beginning a herculean task. Since I was a child I have been watching one movie every day. Yes, no kidding! Today Smartphones and tablets make this easier than ever. Although I prefer watching films on my HD-TV of course. Don´t worry, I have a normal social life with friends and family. Still I keep this tradition of “a movie a day” alive. If you want you can be part of it! From now on I am going to review one movie a day right here on this blog. And I hope we can discuss those treasures from the silver screen :-) .

I pondered a lot which film I should pick first. After all I just quit making a fuzz about it, as probably nobody is gonna read this first review anyway. So I just review the last movie I have seen. And that one is Ted.

Ted is a comedy by Seth MacFarlane (Family Guy). Mark Wahlberg plays a guy whose teddy bear came alive as the result of a childhood wish. Now he is over thirty and his teddy bear still looks cute, but has grown into quite the jackass. Essentially Ted is a buddy comedy. With a lovestory between Wahlberg and his girlfriend, played by Mila Kunis, thrown in for good measure. Mainly Kunis character wants Wahlberg’s to grow up and Ted to move out. Problem is the two childhood friends are not easy to separate. Then there is Kunis boss, played by Joel McHale, who just wants to get in her pants. Ah, and some crazy guy and his kid want to buy / kidnap Ted. This sounds like a lot of conflict, but the movie is mainly full out lowbrow humour and totally bizarre situations.

MacFarlane acts as Ted’s voice, directed the movie and wrote the screenplay. First: I am not a big fan of neither Family Guy nor American Dad. Still I had a lot of fun watching Ted and really laughed at some scenes. The highlight was the cameo of Sam J. Jones (Flash Gordon). Wahlberg and Ted are fans of Flash Gordon and reference it a lot. When they actually get to meet him, Jones is playing a fictionalised version of himself and it soon gets absolutely surreal. They party “80ies style” and Jones even mistakes an Asian neighbour for emperor Ming. Hilarious! The CGI effects for Ted were impressive, too. Wahlberg also did a great job convincing the viewer he was talking to an adult teddybear instead of thin air.

After all I´d recommend Ted for all who like MacFarlane’s of crass humour with a bit of an 1980ies comedy feeling. If you can imagine a dumber version of Wilfred or a more balanced version of Family Guy, then Ted is for you.

If I had to give a score, I´d say it was an 8 / 10.

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